Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Good Vibrations (78 rpm) / The Beach Boys

世界で最も有名な未完のアルバム、といってよいであろう、ビーチ・ボーイズ (The Beach Boys) の「SMiLE」関連の音源は、過去に何度となくリリースが噂されてきました。古くは1973年にリリースしようとしていたことが明らかになっていますし、1988年にもボックス化される話がありました。

Maybe the most famous “unreleased” album ever – “SMiLE” by The Beach Boys. There has been so many rumors and announcements in the past about releasing the SMiLE era outtakes in one package. The oldest attempt to finish the Smile album known so far was in 1973. Later in 1988 another attempt was made to release SMiLE materials.


で、今回も「Smile Sessions」が出る出ると話題になっていますが、さて本当に出るのでしょうか。予想通り当初の予定からは遅れつつあるようで、現時点での最新情報では2011年8月9日リリースとのことです。

Recently yet another announcement was made that the “Smile Sessions” will be released in 2011 – the release date was slated again several times, but anyway the most recent news says it will be out on August 9, 2011.


先月、そのリリースの予告編として、“Good Vibrations”“Heroes And Villains” をカップリングした10インチアナログがリリースされました。なんと 78回転 です。

Last month an interesting title was released, probably as a trailer of the Smile Sessions – double 10-inch vinyl release, coupling “Good Vibrations” and “Heroes And Villains”, on microgroove 78 rpm!

Good Vibrations c/w Heroes And Villains / The Beach Boys
(Capitol 509990 98341 18)
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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Feb. 3, 1932: The First Stereo Sound Recording Known To Exist

時は1932年2月3日。現存する最古のステレオ録音(とみなすことができるもの)が記録されました(ただし、意図的にステレオ録音されたものではなかった、とされてはいますが)。デューク・エリントン (Duke Ellington) オーケストラによるメドレー録音です。その6日後にも、別のメドレーが録音されました。

It was on February 3, 1932 when the oldest stereo recording known to exist was waxed (although it was not an “intended stereo recording” but an “accidental stereo recording”) – a seven minute medley by Duke Ellington and His Orchestra.

2016年12月4日追記:Elgar Rematered」のリリースにより、記録がうちやぶられました。こちらは1928年のステレオ録音(Accidental Stereo)とのことです。

Addendum (Dec. 4, 2016): The new CD “Elgar Remastered” snatched the crown of “the oldest accidental stereo recording(s)” – these 4CD set (surprisingly) contains 1928 stereo recordings!

何種類か CD化 されているほか、「First stereo sound recording」(Benjamin S. Beck) で紹介されている以下のリンクでもその有名な音源を聴くことができます。

You can listen to the two “accidental stereo recordings” on several CD releases (such as “The Best Of The Duke Ellington Centennial Edition”) as well as with the following links (as appeared on the “First stereo sound recording” webpage by Benjamin S. Beck):

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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

78rpms Pick-ups: Oct. 31, 2009

土曜日、奇跡的に自宅で一人の時間が少し生じたので、ハカイダーの心配をすることなく (笑) SP 盤を久し振りに聴くことが出来ました。きもちえがったー。

Saturday – I could have a precious time to be alone at home – without ‘the destroyer’ – my two-years-old daughter – so I could enjoy listening to several 78rpm records this afternoon. It was just fun indeed!

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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Satchelmouth Baby / Four Jumps of Jive

いろいろ事情がありまして、ここ1年以上、自分でもびっくりする程にめっきり購入ペースが落ち込んでいますが、これが今年1枚目の SP となりました (CD や LP を入れても今年 4枚目?)。1945年、マーキュリー・レコード が最初にリリースした記念すべき盤を、やっとこさ入手しました。

Nowadays I don’t buy many vinyls, CDs and 78rpms like I used to do – which is very surprising for myself actually. Anyway here is the very first 78rpm I bought this year (the fourth one I got this year even including CDs and LPs?). Yes, this is the very first 78rpm release by Mercury Records way back in 1945.

[Mercury 2001 Side-A]< [Mercury 2001 Side-B]

Satchelmouth Baby c/w It’s Just The Blues / Four Jumps of Jive
(Mercury 2001)
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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Fine And Dandy / Sonny Stitt


This short article is a revised edition of what I was writing bits and pieces earlier this year. Still one mystery survives – what and how will be the real truth coming out?

[Stitt's Bits - The Bebop Recordings 1949-1952]

Stitt’s Bits: The Bebop Recordings 1949-1952 / Sonny Stitt
(Prestige [US] PRCD3-30043-2)

この CD を Amazon.co.jp で買う | Buy this CD at Amazon.com

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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Universal Studio Blaze Burns Music History


Sad, traggic, depressing news for us old music enthusiasts…


“A fire roared through part of Universal Studios film and TV studio on Sunday, June 1, 2008” (quoted from Reuters.com news article), and there is a new rumor (or confirmation) coming that the fire consumed invaluable/historical metal masters and master tapes back from 1930s-1950s.

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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Sleigh Ride / Herb Geller

It’s been nearly one year since I bought used vinyls and 78rpms last, but here it is now, my new acquisition – (I hope) I won’t be back rapidly to the centre of the “the road to vinyl/shellac junkies” (I hope and pray, actually), anyway it’s a kind of rehabilitation for me, buying a single 78rpm in last eleven months . . .

最後に LP や SP を買ってから、はや1年近く経過しましたが、ついに禁を破ってこの1枚 〜 もう以前の様に「ヴィニール / シェラックジャンキーへの道」へ戻らないでいたいものです (ホントにそうなればいいんですが)。ともあれリハビリ的にこの1枚、久しぶりに買ってしまいました。

[EmArcy 16016 Side-A]      [EmArcy 16016 Side-B]

Sleigh Ride c/w Silver Rain / Herb Geller
(EmArcy 16016)
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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Otono Edison Cartridges – 3mil version now available

以前 4mil バージョンしかないことを残念に思った (その時、メーカさんには「ぜひ 3mil バージョンもお願いします」とメールで切々と訴えておいたのですが) 音のエジソン の SP 用モノーラルカートリッジ。瀬谷さん から教えてもらったのですが、ついに 3mil バージョンも正式に販売されることになったようです。

While ago I wrote an article about Otono Edison monaural cartridge for 78rpms. When I wrote that article, there was only 4mil version available, while most of the 78rpms from “golden age” plays best with 3mil needle tip. So when I bought the cartridge, I wrote several e-mails to the company that they should sell 3mil version as well. Then in 2008, Otono-Edison finally decided to sell 3mil version as well as 4mil version – thanks Seya-san for letting me know.

しかし、5月に引越ししてから、まだ一度も SP 盤を聴いていません。ゆっくり音楽を聴く時間がまだとれずにいることもありますし、前の住まいより周りがあまりにも静かなので十分な音量で聴くのがためらわれる、というのもあります。最大の理由は、引越し後のどたばたで、SP がすぐに手の届かない場所にいってしまったためです . . . 時間ができたら、まだ整理完了とは程遠い私の部屋をなんとか整理し直さないといけません。

BTW the bad thing for me is that, since I moved to a new apartment in May, I have never had a chance to listen to 78rpms – maybe because I haven’t had enough time to fully enjoy listening to music, or maybe because this new place is too quiet all around (which is a very good thing for my sweet little baby, now in 9 months old) and I feel I hesitate to play vinyl/shellac records at louder volume as I used to do. But the most probable reason is, that I had been very busy and confused while moving/restoring whole lot of stuffs, and cardboard boxes which contains my 78rpm collection are out of reach behind my other stuffs (books, cloths, other boxes et al.) – so the first thing I have to do after I have spare time is to do another cleanup in my room . . .

Suspension Tower Upgrade Kit for Michell Gyrodec」に続く . . .

Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

What on earth is DEEP GROOVES on vinyl records?

久方振りの更新です。日常生活や仕事の合間にこつこつ書きためていたものを (後追いになりますが) 暇を見つけては公開していくことにします。さて今回は . . . .

Sorry for scarce updates on this site. I’ve been writing several articles little by little when I had some spare time during my daily life as well as my work. And right now this topic deals with . . . .

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Kohji Matsubayashi (松林弘治)

Groovin’ High / Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker

( . . . きちんと音楽を聴ける時間がやっととれた . . . )

This afternoon mother-in-law went long way back to Kobe. She stayed with us for about a month to help us with the baby. Thank you so much anyway.

The only regret with her was, for me, that she didn’t like listening to music much, and that she didn’t understand how much (and how often) I love listening to music as a daily basis. So while she was staying with us at home, the loud speaker on the right side had to stay away from the speaker-stand, because the speaker is always located in front of the window to the veranda, and she always complained that the speaker stood in her way out to the veranda with laundry . . . yes she’s right.

[Speaker, get away from the stand!]

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